Jazz Lounge during Culture week in September 2013

Babies in Mullingar have the opportunity to participate in Culture Night on 20th September during an event designed with the tiniest of cultural tastes in mind.

Mothers and babies will be chilling out in a specially created Jazz Lounge, as part of the regular Friday morning Baby Café in Riverstown Community Centre, Dalton Park. Helium, Children's Arts and Health, is collaborating with Westmeath Community Mothers to provide extra fun, creative play and relaxation with live music in a sensory environment for some chilled-out Jazz themed play


The collaboration between the Jazz Lounge, Helium - Children's Arts and Health and Westmeath Community Mothers is about many things: there is the fun and spontaneous creativity that it encourages, there is also the 'science bit' where we know from various studies the importance of music in early education and development for children. The physiology of creativity suggests we should start 'firing up' programmes like this - where this is happening, and in a fun environment.