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Here are a few testimonials from some of the parents we have assisted:


"When I first had a community mother come round I was a bit nervous.  After a couple of times of my community mother coming to me, and we got to know each other, I really enjoy the times we meet up.  My community mother is now really great support to me and my three children, we get on very well.  I enjoy the odd time we get to meet up for coffee.  I am happy that i picked to have a community mother to call out to me.  I would recommend it to any mother out there.  "

Pictures above is Larissa Fuller with her three children
Nadine 5yrs, Kevin 20 months and Charlie 6 years

Dad of two children aged 7 and 4 years (names withheld at request of parent)

"Over the years this service has been nothing but a positive, constructive and helpful part of the stabilisation of this household.  First contact with this service was originally arranged with the mother of my children six years ago and from then till now even though I became the sole parent and being a man i never felt awkward, or anything that would have made me ask for the service to be withdrawn, itís been a complete positive experience from start to finish.  Thank you "

Mum from Athlone with 3 children I love the service it helps me throw difficulties in my life to have someone who listens and comforts you in this situation we are in.  I would like to thank community mothers for their service and to continue helping more mothers who have problems.  They have helped me and now I am more confident and positive in my life.  A special thank you to Ann Shine who is a wonderful person and caring

Ann Shine with Kaneola Saiyed, daughter
Arfa missing from photo are Rusiaf and Joheb Saiyed

Other comments from Families

Itís good to see a friendly face

It good to be able to talk to another mother who understands what it feels like to be a mum

I am polish and my English is small my community mother has helped with forms and any difficulties my son has had in preschool.

I found that the community mother that called to me helped me and it was nice to have a listening ear... I gained confidence to trust my own instincts